See various statistics about the server and the world.


  • spellcheck - See how well (or poorly) a member can spell
  • joins - See member growth over time
  • messagecount - See top message senders and how many messages a member has sent
  • optout - Opt out of statistics tracking
  • corona - Graph of corona virus statistics



!spellcheck <member>

Prints the number of correctly and incorrectly spelled words a user has sent since joining the server and the corresponding percentage or correctly spelled words.

NOTE: If a user has opted out of stats tracking their spelling statistics will not be sent.




Sends a graph of member growth over time.



!messagecount [member]

Prints a graph of how many messages the top 5 message senders in the server have sent. If a member is specified, their specific message stats will also be sent.

NOTE: If a user has opted out of stats tracking their message count will not be sent.




Run this command to remove your stats from anything that architus sends to the server. This command is a toggle so it can be run again to opt back in to stats tracking.




This will print out a graph of the current number of deaths and cases of the Corona virus.

The graph uses this dataset which will accurately reflect the current numbers reported by all 50 US states and the District of Columbia.

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