Compiles latex code to a nice image.


!latex <valid latex code>



General Usage

The command passes along whatever is after the command verbatim into a latex file that is then compiled and converted to an image which is sent back to the channel. All of the latex code is inserted into the body of a default latex file that you can see below.

The latex libraries mathrsfs and amsmath are included in the environment. This allows for some extra features that are very helpful for writing various math expressions.

Note: Remember to use $ in your command to do equations. The $s will not be included automatically.

Note: Latex compile times are limited to 3 seconds. Try to ensure your code will compile within that time limit to ensure architus can send back your compiled output.



Due to security and privacy concerns, some latex functionality has been disabled.

Disabled functionality includes:

  • reading files
  • writing files
  • making new commands
  • including packages

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