Implementation Documentation

This folder contains implementation documentation for the architus ecosystem, including the microservice-based backend application as well as the React-based web dashboard. The entire site was built in Gatsby.js, React, and MDX, and the source can be found on GitHub.

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🔗 Quick Links

🚀 Getting Started


To set up the website locally, you’ll need to have Node.js installed. Once installed, run the following commands to download dependencies:

npm install -g yarn
yarn install

📝 Authoring Documentation

To edit documentation or add new pages, add .md files to the docs/ folder in the repository root. Any files automatically result in generated pages at the same public path as their relative path, starting from the docs/ folder. To add a page with the same name/path as a subdirectory, simply add a file named

More information is available on authoring at the docs page for it.

File Format

title: (Required). Name that appears in the title <h1> and in the side NavBar
shortTitle: (Optional; defaults to title). Name that appears in the title bar & breadcrumb

# Markdown content

See external guides for specifics on Markdown syntax

📡 Development Server

Similar to the frontend web dashboard, there are two options to preview the app while developing: a hot reload-enabled development server (recommended) and a statically-generated site preview.


yarn start

Statically-generated preview

yarn build
yarn serve

Code Style uses eslint and prettier to enforce JavaScript code style across the repository. To run the linter locally, run:

yarn run lint

❓ Getting Help

If you have an issue about the bot, the documentation website, or have any other questions, feel free to create a new issue or join our discord server:

📜 License

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