Send your friends to the gulag!


!gulag <member>

The gulag command starts a vote to throw a member in the gulag (aka add the role kulak to the member). Every vote over the required threshold will add to the amount of time spent in the gulag.

In order to use this command, the gulag emoji must be set in architus’s settings. Voting will then take place by reacting to architus’s message with the set emoji.

Note: architus does not automatically manage the kulak role. You must set the permissions on it manually.


The gulag settings pane can be accessed by the settings gulag command

Gulag Emojiemojithe emoji used in the gulag vote
Gulag Thresholdintrequired votes to send a member to the gulag
Gulag Severityintminutes the member will be gulaged (also scales the overflow penalty)

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