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Architus commands are the primary way of interacting with the bot through the Discord client itself. Note that custom commands can be set using the auto response feature;

Auto Responses

  • set - Sets a custom command
  • remove - Remove a user command

Emoji Manager

  • emojis - List currently cached emojis


  • schedule - Start an event poll
  • poll - Starts a poll with some pretty formatting
  • xpoll - Starts an exclusive poll with some pretty formatting


  • gulag - Starts a vote to move a member to the gulag

Latex Compiler

  • latex - Compiles latex to a nice image


  • play - Add a song to the music queue
  • skip - Skip a song
  • clear - Clear all songs from queue
  • queue - List songs in queue


  • roles - See all joinable roles
  • role - Assign yourself a role


  • messagecount - Count the total messages a user has sent in the server
  • spellcheck - Checks the spelling of a user
  • joins - See member growth in a graph
  • optout - Stop your stats from being tracked


  • settings - Open an interactive settings dialog


  • price - See current price of a stock
  • 8ball - Answers from the beyond
  • purge - Purge a channel of a user’s messages
  • quote - Quotes a previous message in a pretty format. Use url or id
  • webcomic - Posts the daily comic for the specified webcomic
  • help - Displays in-app help text for each command

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