Release v0.1.1

Minor release with new commands and lots of Emoji Manager improvements!


  • pugs [required_players] [game] starts a tally in the channel to get pugs started
  • webcomic [comic] fetches the current webcomic from xkcd or smbc
  • latex [expression] compiles and renders a latex expression
  • emoji command shows image previews of the unloaded emojis
  • emojilo command shows emoji rankings


  • Added tags to settings command (stags to view)
  • Gave gulag a default emoji
  • Gave gulag more options under the settings gulag tag
  • Emoji manager supports emojis with duplicate names
  • Emoji manager intelligently tracks emoji usage and keeps the most popular emojis loaded
  • Emoji manager tracks the original uploader of an emoji


  • Fixed a typo in the meme status
  • Statistics features are more resilient to discord’s API failing
  • Emoji manager works again
  • Emoji manager is no longer confused by managed or animated emoji
  • Emoji manager no longer randomly duplicates emoji
  • Emoji manager no longer randomly deletes emoji

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