Release v0.1.0

Major release with lots of bugs, bugfixes, and improvements!


  • xpoll same as poll but users can only choose one option at a time
  • price allows you to check the price of a company’s shares
  • settings allows you to change the prefix Architus uses on a server basis
  • settings allows you to set a per-member limit to the number of auto responses that are allowed
  • Architus willl fill a channel named #lfs-posts with 4k+ NA overwatch scrim listings


See internal docs for more information


  • Architus now supports sharding! This basically means more resources per server.
  • quote, gulag, messagecount, spellcheck can be targeted using a mention, nickname, username, or id
  • poll should be much more intuitive to use
  • messagecount and spellcheck are much faster on large servers
  • Images generated by Architus are stored on its own CDN
  • Gulag picture is round and higher quality
  • The music related commands are disabled by default if Rhythm is in the server, and can be toggled in settings
  • Names and role mentions can now be used to register roles as joinable or default in settings
  • p and q aliases for play and queue
  • remove removes an autoresponse instead of the awkward set <resp>::remove syntax
  • gulag and settings commands now edit to notify when they expire
  • Major work done on the backend to support the API and future scaling


  • Running spellcheck before messagecount no longer renders messagecount inaccurate
  • Author profile pictures on the starboard are longer blank after a user changes their picture
  • Misc improvements to music features
  • Loading a new emoji for the first time in a new channel no longer causes Architus to Freeze
  • Fix some locale issues with schedule
  • Malicious users can no longer add unlimited auto responses in servers that they are not members of through the gateway


  • The ‘Is Ajax Masters? (@Ajaxbeat)’ account on twitter was blocked, so this feature no longer works :/
  • Removed letmein
  • Removed line
  • Removed spectrum

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